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Episode 255

The Silent Patient

by Alex Michaelides
Narrated by Jack Hawkins, Louise Brealey
ALERT // This episode DOES contain spoilers, but there's ample warning before we begin our spoiler chat. The Silent Patient was the hottest read of 2019. A suspense that takes you into the psychotherapy world of Theo and the silent mind of Alicia. There's a huge twist in this novel that Britney didn't see coming, but Brad called from the midway point. We think it's because his profession gets him in the mind of people, so he can see right through them. If you figure out the twist, or not, The Silent Patient is definitely a read that you won't be able to put down. If you grab the will NOT be disappointed by the amount of energy and characterization that both narrators inject into this novel. It's emotional, unstable, annoying...AKA: absolute PERFECTION. Check out our review and pick up a copy of The Silent Patient now! --This is the audio from our latest BookTube video. If you want to see us live, head on over to our YouTube Channel and subscribe!

January 13, 2020

Episode 254

Checking out the Beacon Book Box

Unpacking Goodies
WELL it's Christmas all over again at AudioShelf as we bust into the Beacon Book Box we won last month! There's so much cool stuff in this subscription box from makers, artists, and authors. We are obsessed and are so happy that we WON SOMETHING! We never win ANYTHING! Do you have a subscription to Beacon Book Box? If so, what has been your favorite month and why?! The goodies inside this box: Lord of the Rings Apron - @kitstercronik The Wrath and the Dawn Candle - Novelly Yours Shadow and Bone Ornament - @littlebearries Scythe Anastasia's Soaking Salts - Team Beacon Baking with the Beacon city of Bones Recipe - artwork by @morgana0anagrom Christmas Village Booksleeve - Beacon Demonic Debutantes E-Book - by Authors Christine Bottas, Amber Boyd, Steven R. Brandt, E.A. Comiskey, Sophia Diaz, Holly Gonzalez, Kristin Jacques, Victoria Moschou´╗┐ Marrow Charm E-Book by Author Kristin Jacques As Above Skin Curse Bookmark - by Author Kristin Jacques Shadow's Voice Bookmark - by Author Natalie Johanson Signed Exclusive Copy of This Will Kill That by Danielle K. Roux -- Grab your own Beacon Book Box! Beacon's website: --This is the audio from our latest BookTube. If you want to see us live and in action head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe!

January 12, 2020

Episode 253

A Heart So Fierce and Broken

by Brigid Kemmerer
Oh. My. Gawd! The book of the year is here! We feel like we've been waiting an entire year for this book to come out....BECAUSE WE HAVE! A Heart So Fierce and Broken is the second installment in Brigid Kemmerer's The Cursebreaker series. Much like the first novel (A Curse So Dark and Lonely), we follow two characters through an adventure that takes them through some dangerous terrain, however this time we aren't following Harper and Rhen. Nope! Brigid is giving us insight into the likes of Grey and newcomer Lia Mara. It's a beautiful crafted world, with magnificent storytelling that you just HAVE to pick up. It's a YA lovers MUST READ! -- This is the audio from our latest BookTube video. To see us in action head to our YouTube Channel and SUBSCRIBE!

January 06, 2020

Episode 252

New Year, New Goals!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We all know that with a new number comes new goals, which is what we are chatting about today! We have our sights (get it? because 20/20....heh...) set pretty high, but we feel confident that with the community's help we'll be able to accomplish it all! We hope your New Year is off to a terrific start! --This is the audio from our latest BookTube. If you want to see us in action, subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

January 01, 2020

Episode 251

Year in Review

Get out of here 2019
2019 is coming to an end and we are giving you EVERYTHING in this is a jam packed special! Not only are we giving a little review of our year, but we are also dropping our TOP BOOKS OF 2019! If you wanna start your bookish 2020 off right, take a listen of what we tackled in 2019 and are exclusively recommending! --This is the audio from our latest BookTube video. If you want to see us in action, subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

December 30, 2019

Episode 250

Merry Happy Holidays to All

And to all...lots of reading!
Happy holidays! We hope that you and your family are celebrating the holiday season with lots of good food, happiness, and BOOKS! Cheers from us here at AudioShelf to a merry month! --This is audio from our latest BookTube. If you want to see us in action, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

December 25, 2019

It's Christmas time! And our Christmas wish is to be movie producers that have movie rights to all the happy, mysterious, semi-raunchy holiday books in order to turn them into Hallmark, Lifetime, Hulu, Netflix, ALL THE NETWORKS classics. Sure, most of them won't actually end up being any good, but isn't that the heart of all holiday entertainment? It's all just fun, and that's what we are having today! --This is the audio from our latest BookTube video. If you want to see us in action, go subscribe to our YouTube channel!

December 23, 2019

If you could bring any fictional BOOK character as your date to your family holiday festivities, who would you take? Why would you take them? And do you think your reasoning uncovers a need for more daily hugs? Because that's exactly what we discovered about ourselves...... Check out our video, subscribe to our channel, and join in the fun by letting us know who YOU'D take as your date this holiday season! Cheers! This is the audio from our latest BookTube. If you want to see us in action AND subscribe, check out our YouTube channel.

December 18, 2019

Episode 247

Holiday Greetings from Sugar & Booze

by Ana Gasteyer & Mona Mansour
Narrated by Ana Gasteyer, Maya Rudolph, Full Cast
The great thing about the holidays is that there's a lightness in the air that TRULY only happens once a year. It can help reconnect lost friendships, make new friendships stronger, and bring dysfunctional families together for at least 1 good day of cheer. It's a magical time and one that Ana Gasteyer and Mona Mansour explore in their full cast audiobook: Holiday Greetings from Sugar & Booze. We got some 90s & 00s SNL not ready for prime time KEY players bringing us drama, love, and laughter. Told in both letter and party atmospheres, this book left us with tears in our eyes and wanting to hug everyone! If you're looking for a SHORT sweet little concoction you HAVE to give this audiobook a listen! We promise you won't wake up with a hangover! --This is the audio from our latest BookTube video. If you want to see us in action, SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube!

December 17, 2019

Episode 246

Christmas Drama

What makes them tick?
What IS a Christmas drama, and how is it different from regular dramas? There's a lot that goes into a Christmas drama in order to make it feel dramatic, wholesome, and holly jolly! We're diving in and breaking down the Christmas drama genre as well as offering some recommendation that we've read during December pasts. Let us know in the comments what Christmas dramas we should try out this year, and if you intend to pick up any new ones this season. --This is audio from our latest BookTube video, if you want to see us in action, GO SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel NOW!

December 11, 2019