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Episode 103

Interview with Kimberly Belle

Beyond the Headphones
Today we are chatting with THE Kimberly Belle, or as we like to call her: The Queen of Thriller Mysteries. If you don't know Kimberly, where the heck have you been hiding? She is the internationally bestselling author of The Marriage Lie, The Last Breath, The Ones We Trust, and, her most recent release, Three Days Missing. She has a knack for crazy endings, topical issues, and giving a strong voice to her female leads. Kimberly is a force to reckoned with, and we are so glad that we got the chance to chat with her! We always like to make our interviews fun, and we definitely had fun talking to Kimberly Belle! If you haven't yet, be sure to listen to our previous episode reviewing Three Days Missing, and then go out and scoop up your own copy!! We give it 4 very enthusiastic thumbs up!

July 26, 2018

Episode 102

Three Days Missing

by Kimberly Belle
Narrated by Vanessa Johansson, & Sarah Naughton
Imagine your son being kidnapped because he was mistaken for another child. How would you react? Who would you blame? And what would you do in order to get your son back? Kimberly Belle gives us suburban suspense realness in Three Days Missing by making us all ask the big question: What happens on the fourth day?

July 23, 2018

Episode 101

The Wicked Deep

by Shea Ernshaw
Narrated by Casey Turner
SOMETHING HAS CHANGED WITHIN US. SOMETHING IS NOT THE SAME. Follow Britney and Brad down The Wicked Deep journey as they talk about the phenomenal novel written by Shea Ernshaw. During this weekly audiobook discussion, Britney and Brad also come to terms with what changes they want to make to the AudioShelf brand—one thing they decided to change: HELLLOOOO SPOILERS!! Let us know what you think about their AudioShelf transition chat and see if you agree!

July 16, 2018

Episode 100

Our 100th Episode Special!

Choosing Our Own Adventure
CELEBRATE, GOOD TIMES, COM’ON!! We are celebrating the release of our 100th episode!!! AudioShelf did something different to commemorate this epic milestone. Since the beginning of AudioShelf, we’ve gone on so many book journeys and adventures that we decided it was time to kick it into high gear and CREATE OUR OWN BOOK ADVENTURE!! That’s right! We found a website where you can follow along with a story and CHOOSE how the story unravels. How cool is that? Follow Britney and Brad as they choose what happens in stories involving a character named Spoonboy and a very descriptive werewolf shaving... Sit back, relax, and enjoy AudioShelf’s 100th Episode!!! #YayUs!

July 09, 2018

Episode Ninty-Nine

The Perfect Mother

by Aimee Molloy
Narrated by Cristin Milioti
Your baby gets kidnapped after you decide to go out drinking with a group of friends, what do you do? The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy gets deep by addressed society’s view on motherhood—from being a single mother to experiencing postpartum depression. Will AudioShelf abduct this audiobook and keep it on their shelves forever? Or will they shove it? Turn the volume up, sit back, and listen to find out!

July 02, 2018

Episode Ninety-Eight

Interview with Khristine Hvam

Beyond the Headphones
Sounding like a creepy old witch, California male surfer, and drunken college girl on the drop of a dime is an easy task for prolific audiobook narrator, Khristine Hvam. Today’s episode will give you an inside look into Khristine’s career as a voice over artist/narrator. She will wow you with her stories, her talent, and quick and precise character voices. Khristine Hvam has won six AudioFile Earphones Awards, placed three times as a finalist for the prestigious Audie Award, and won the Audie for best narration in 2012 and 2013. Join us as we delve into the world of Khristine— a world where we don’t want to leave!

June 25, 2018

Episode Ninety-Seven

Let's Chat About...Letters to the Lost

With Brigid and Nancy!
An author, a book blogger, and some podcasters walk into a bar...and an epic book chat discussion happens! Join Britney and Brad as they welcome book blogger, Nancy, and Author, Brigid Kemmerer to the show to discuss Brigid’s dark, contemporary, YA novel, Letters to the Lost. With a novel that covers a variety of themes from art, grief, fostering/adoption, substance use, societal and technological evolution there is LOTS to chat about—will we Shelf it or will we Shove the book while talking to it’s author? Find out on today’s episode of AudioShelf

June 18, 2018

Episode Ninety-Six

They Both Die at the End

by Adam Silvera
Narrated by Michael Crouch, Robbie Daymond, & Bahni Turpin
It’s LGBTQ+ Pride Month and AudioShelf is proudly reviewing Adam Silvera’s novel They Both Die In The End, a story about two queer boys of color who reach out to one another when they find out they have less than 24 hours to live. This beautiful story of love, life, and friendship reminds us that love is love and love stories of all kinds should be heard. We hope those who celebrate Pride Month are enjoying themselves AND this episode! ❤️💙💚💛🧡💜

June 11, 2018

Episode Ninety-Five

Let's Chat About...The Chalk Man

With Tamara from Shelf Addiction!
Britney and Brad join forces with Tamara from the Shelf Addiction Podcast in the ultimate #BookChat there ever was! In this episode, we discuss, in a spoiler-full fashion, the 2018 highly anticipated novel, The Chalk Man. Easily recognizable as a Stephen King fan, C.J. Tudor writes a story of a group of children scarred after being led to a dismembered body by the town’s infamous creeper— “The Chalk Man.” Now, 30 years later, the group receives individual letters from “The Chalk Man” inviting them back to the town that haunted their dreams in order to figure out the truth of what happened that fateful 1986 night. Will AudioShelf and Shelf Addiction “Shelf” this thriller/horror story? Find out on today’s EPIC #BookChat episode! ALSO: head on over to Shelf Addiction’s page and check out our other #BookChat with Tamara where we discuss Jessica Knoll’s The Favorite Sister.

June 06, 2018

Episode Ninety-Four

Sky in the Deep

by Adrienne Young
Narrated by Khristine Hvam
An Aska and a Riki walk into a viking bar, and then WAR. Well, it's probably a little more complicated than that, after all, century old rivalries usually are. Aska fighter, Eelyn, knows that fact first hand since a life of war has cost her many things, including the lives of her mother and brother. But one day, while kicking butt and taking names, Eelyn sees her "dead" brother fighting alongside the enemy. Confused and unguarded, she is captured and taken as a prisoner by her brother and his friend, Fiske. She's given no choice but to live among the Riki people, the people she has spent her entire life hating and killing. Will this predicament help Eelyn grow as an Aska fighter? Or will she come to understand the love her brother has for the Riki? Find out our thoughts in this weeks new episode!

June 04, 2018