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Episode 113

Funny Amazon Reviews

by Jane Lynch
Narrated by A WHOLE Bunch of People
We go hard on Jane Lynch and an unsuspecting Anna Kendrick. Once upon a time, there was a magical land where everyone was able to buy anything you could imagine and have it delivered to your house in 5-7 business days, as well as leave personal (sometimes hilarious) opinions about that purchase to help guide others to have the ultimate buying experience. That magical land is called...Amazon. Join Britney and Brad as they discuss the audiobook, Funny Amazon Reviews, by Jane Lynch. This book is pretty much Jane Lynch being Sue from Glee being Jane Lynch. Thank you to Paul from for being a producer on this episode!

August 30, 2018

Episode 112

The Last Elephant in New York City

by Elizabeth Kelly, Narrated by Richard Rieman
Episode sponsored by The Audio Flow, LLC
Who ordered some poached eggs? We did! Join Britney and Brad as they talk about the short story, The Last Elephant in New York City written by Elizabeth Kelly and narrated by Richard Rieman. This audiobook tells a story of a wildlife ranger, a researcher, and an elephant that brings them together. Based on a true story, The Last Elephant in NYC does it’s best to shine a light on the negative real life poaching epidemic and the treatment of beloved animals within the zoo environment. Will AudioShelf “trumpet” the words Shelf It? Or will they shove this short story off a Ghanaian cliff? This episode of the AudioShelf Podcast is sponsored by The Audio Flow by Jocqueline M. Protho, The Audio Flow, LLC

August 27, 2018

Episode 111

Lack of Support Systems

AudioShelf Rants
Sup·port: Webster defines this as "to give assistance to; enable to function or act; a thing that bears the weight of something or keeps it upright." In this episode, Britney and Brad discuss a topic that has been brewing for quite some time. Join them as they look at who has been supportive of their AudioShelf journey and who, honestly, has not. Without naming names, Britney and Brad make a list of who has been there to see them take AudioShelf from a hobby podcast to something that has significant meaning in the literary community. Did you make the list? Find out and see on this special episode of AudioShelf

August 23, 2018

Episode 110

Uncanny Valley

by C.A. Gray
Narrated by Melissa Williams
What do you get when you put together conspiracy theories, artificial intelligence, and failed theatre dreams? You get C.A. Gray’s Uncanny Valley. In this episode, AudioShelf changes it’s format once again to heighten the experience of an audiobook-listener. Britney asks Brad questions about Uncanny Valley. In turn, Brad tries to “sell” Britney on the audiobook. Does Brad do a good job at promoting Uncanny Valley? Find out on today’s episode!

August 20, 2018

Episode 109

Existential Choose Your Own Adventure

AudioShelf Reads
Choose Your Own Adventure: Part 2. Join Britney and Brad as they go on another random read-aloud story journey. This time, the duo end up reading a story that challenges their ethics and morality—sounds like fun? Join in and follow along this episode of AudioShelf! Also, a discussion about Amanda Bynes happens!

August 16, 2018

Episode 108

What It's REALLY Like Narrating a Book

AudioShelf Talks
HUGE NEWS! A couple months ago, Britney narrated her FIRST audiobook, Bryxx, by Tarisa Marie. In this episode, Britney talks about her first experience narrating—challenges, successes, and the overall likes and dislikes when it comes to reading aloud someone else’s words. Also, Brad reviews Britney’s narration and doesn’t hold back! AudioShelf reviews it’s own host? What’s not to love! Let’s hope Britney and Brad are still best friends after this one...

August 13, 2018

Episode 107

Our Favorite TV & Movie Adaptations

Book to Screen
Being original is hard. Adapting a novel into a Movie or TV Show is easy...for Hollywood at least. Join Britney and Brad as they discuss the Book-To-Screen successes, failures, and underrated adaptions. Does your favorite make the list? Find out on today’s episode of AudioShelf.

August 09, 2018

Episode 106

Why Listening IS Reading

AudioShelf Talks
Audiobooks Rule! Join Britney and Brad as they provide you with several reasons why audiobooks are the coolest invention since sliced bread. Reading paperback and hardbacks are fun an all, but AudioShelf wants to set the record straight that Audiobooks are all the rage right now. From artistic storytelling to accessibility, Audiobooks are the way to go! Give em a try—you can thank us later!

August 06, 2018

Episode 105

The Handmaid's Tale TV Show

Television Talk
Blessed be the fruit, everyone...we’re back with another episode this week. Earlier in the week, we talked about the book, NOW we talk about the TV show. Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale has won several awards, received both positive critic and raving fan reviews, and has scared the living crap out of the liberals of America. That’s right...The Handmaid’s Tale has set the world on fire and AudioShelf is about to put it out with this hilarious, smart, and poignant episode—if we do say so ourselves. Enjoy!

August 02, 2018

Episode 104

The Handmaid's Tale

by Margaret Atwood
Narrated by Claire Danes
A classic novel. A smash hit TV Show. And now an AudioShelf episode. The Handmaid’s Tale is a riveting story of how society’s women have their independence, dignity, and humanity stripped down by an evil patriarchy that believe women should not be in charge of their own bodies, lives, and decisions. Sound familiar, 2018? Join Britney and Brad as they delve into Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel that had EVERYONE talking during this current political atmosphere.

July 30, 2018