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About Us

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. We are Brad and Britney, the voices behind AudioShelf. We’ve been friends for more than 10 years, but our passion for audiobooks began just 2 years ago. What started off as us just raving or complaining to each other, soon turned into us giving suggestions to friends based off of our listening experience. Now, we want to bring honest audiobook reviews to everyone. It’s kind of crazy how the book that started it all, The Selection, would take us on a journey of epic proportions. Follow along to see where we will go next!


I am a mental health therapist that spends a lot of time listening to other people speak. What I love most about audiobooks is that I don't have to answer them back when they speak to me. Listening to audiobooks gives me permission to yell, cry, gush over, or laugh at the voices that read to me--unfortunately I do get stared at when I do though. Driving to and from work, during my lunch break, and relaxing in a tub are my “go-to” times to listen to audiobooks. When I'm not obsessing over my newest audiobook, I'm spending time binge-watching television shows with my boyfriend, Eddie, as he prepares lavish dinners for us. I also like to spend time cuddling with our dog-child, Benedict.


I am a wedding photographer that spends a lot of time in front of my computer. Editing is my prime time for listening. I’m a fairly animated listener, so whenever something dramatic or suspenseful happens in a book, I’m the person shouting “WOW” over and over. I usually have to pause work in order to pick my jaw up off the floor when listening to most books. When I’m not going crazy over plot twists I’m usually lounging with my husband, Shawn, exploring a local park with our pup, Pony, or playing video games.

Your Audiobook Hosts, Brad and Britney