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Episode Twenty

Shemale Mind-Control Sex Cruise

by Kimberly Hung
Where there's derogatory, there's controversy; and where there's controversy, there's Britney and Brad. Shemale is DEFINITELY NOT our type of language, but there are erotical books out there that still use this verbiage and we're ready to expose them. All aboard this Shemale Mind-Control Sex Cruise--where you'll find busty babes who use hypnotic powers to make you forget they have 12-inches of 🍆 between their legs! Hmmmm sounds...dicklicious!

September 21, 2017

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About AudioShelf: After Dark

AudioShelf: After Dark is a weekly podcast for more sensual literature discussion. Your hosts, Brad and Britney, will read and cover descriptions from various erotic novels, having some goofs and gaffs at their expense. Enjoy a thrilling - and humorous - look at some of the sillier and sexier books you might not have read!

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