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Episode Thirty-Five

New Year New Her

by Gary Poole
What’s better than being a billionaire in a powerful suit with an enormous penis? Hooking up with one, duh!!! Join Britney and Brad as they laugh and chat at Gary Poole’s New Years Erotica—New Year, New Her! What are your sexy New Years Resolutions?

January 04, 2018

Episode Thirty-Four

My Naughty New Year's Eve

by Brad Tanner
Did somebody order a pizza? Join Britney and Brad as they discuss this year’s New Years Eve Erotica, My Naughty New Year’s Eve by Brad Tanner. If you’re into deuchebaggary, chuckles, and gay sex, then you’re in for a wild ride. From New York to London, let’s bring in the New Year with this sexy LGBT erotic-lit!

December 28, 2017

Episode Thirty-Three

9 Under the Mistletoe

by Tia Candy
Hoe, Hoe, Hoe! How many men can one woman sleep with? 2? 4? 9 at one time? Anything is possible on Christmas! Join Britney and Brad as they merrily cheer for one woman’s quest to fit 9 Jolly St. Nick’s in her chimney hole all at one time! I bet she ends up on the naughty list this year, that’s for sure! Merry Christmas, bitches!

December 21, 2017

Episode Thirty-Two

Unwrapped: Christmas Cream by Lexi Loaded

Unwrapped: Christmas Cream Book One
by Lexi Loaded
Where there’s Christmas, there’s Christmas Cream!! Join Britney and Brad as they get completely grossed out by all the jolly erotic goodness that comes with Christmas Cream Unwrapped by Lexi Loaded. With an author name like that, so wouldn’t get pregnant by Santa? Wait...that doesn’t make sense, but we’re gonna need you to go with it.

December 14, 2017

Episode Thirty-One

I don't think we're old enough to be reading this...

A Curvy Christmas
by Harmony Raines
Big girls need love to! And Greg is more than happy to provide organ. Figure out the answers to life's greatest mysteries like: is 28 still too young for erotica? What are buds? And why is a vagina referred to as "sex"? Okay so we don't answer any questions, but we definitely are asking a ton this week!

December 07, 2017

Episode Thirty

Hope this doesn't awaken the BEAST in us...

The Dungeon of Depraved Beasts
by Bree Bellucci
Getting ravaged by dungeon beasts has moved up on our wishlist this Christmas. Laugh and cackle with Britney and Brad as they shed light on this underground and hilariously grotesque erotic tale.

November 30, 2017

Episode Twenty-Nine

Why we crying over spilled milk...?

Thanksgiving Cream
by Summer O Lee
It's not only #DurtyThursday, but it's also #DurtyThanksgiving here at AudioShelf: After Dark. Have you spanked your turkey today? Are you stuffing your mouths with creamy phallic foods? Are you thankful for hot moms? Or lesbian love affairs? Well, this Thanksgiving, you are in luck.

November 23, 2017

Episode Twenty-Eight

We "promise" this book will make your Thanksgiving interesting...

Unprotected! With Daddy on Thanksgiving!
by Sharon Dick
Gobble, Gobble Daddies!! Who wants to stuff this Thanksgiving Turkey! Join Britney and Brad as they discuss their first Thanksgiving-themed erotica this year. In this 16 pager, Molly needs her cranberry popped and she knows just the daddy to do it!! Laugh and squirm with us while we serve this horny cream pie of an erotica on a dinner plate this holiday season!

November 16, 2017

Episode Twenty-Seven

Just the right height, no bucket required

Unicorn: Horn of Desire
by Cecilia Chase
What is the most outrageous erotica you can think of? If the seduction of horny unicorns isn't in your answer then we have a story to tell you. Laugh with Britney and Brad as they go off on a magical journey where virgin women are penetrated by peach tipped unicorn dick. If this erotic and mythical beast doesn't do it for you...then that's probably a good thing.

November 09, 2017

Episode Twenty-Six

It's how long?!

Handcuffed in Public on Halloween
by Sonata Sorento
Narrated by Jennifer Saucedo
It's still Halloween over here on AudioShelf: After Dark. As we look back and think of our amazing time in Salem, Massachusetts, we want you to sit back and listen to a story of how a lady named Maggie likes to be handcuffed and embarrassed in a public setting by dominant men dressed in Halloween costumes. Did you think we wouldn't find a creeptastic erotica to make fun of this Halloween season? If you did, you're sadly mistaken. BOOB! Oops, we mean...Boo!

November 02, 2017