AudioShelf Books That Make You Blush


Episode Fifteen

Return Of The Bimbo Gun Series

by Neil Bimbeau
When a disgusting sexist pig discovers the "WonderRay," a powerful toy with the ability to turn ordinary women into brainless bimbos, it completely turns his life around! Soon, a slew of gorgeous babes belong to him; their fertile bodies made even more perfect with his powers. Does that make you want to throw up? Because it sure made us want to vomit all over the place. Join Britney and Brad as they denounce this horrid, chauvinistic, and tiny-penised set of stories.

August 17, 2017

Episode Fourteen

Dirty Princes: A Standalone MMF Menage Romantic Comedy

by Jo Raven
Illustrated by Letitia Hasser
Caught between two men? What if we were to tell you that you didn't have to choose. That's right! You can have two men in your bed at one time! Just like Brylee from the novel "Dirty Princes" by best selling author, Jo Raven. Brylee is your normal cat-loving lady that just so happens to be getting DURTY with two royal men at the same time! Excuse my French, but holy Menage a Trios! Join Britney and Brad as they venture into threesome territory with this episode--just Britney, Brad, and one sexy chocolate chip cookie!

August 10, 2017

Episode Thirteen

Under Pressure (Blue Collar Alpha Males)

by Aria Cole
Put your bibs on, because we're serving up sex-on-a-stick for this weeks dinner! I mean Durty Thursday! We're gettin' down and dirty with Under Pressure by Aria Cole. Join us as we construct the perfect meal out of Jean-Luc Martel, a chef with a rapid-fire temper, chiseled good looks, and a dash of tattooed, bad boy edge. When he meets Delaney Thomas, he'll try to put the sugar in her chocolate cake. This episode of AudioShelf: After Dark will leave you feeling full for days!

August 03, 2017

Episode Twelve

Breaking Daddy's Little Virgin: An Older Man

by Angela Blake
Those who have daddy issues go to the right, those who don't, go to the left. That's right ladies! If you're looking for older men to kidnap you, gag you, and break you, then you've come to the right place. If you don't want any of those things, then do what Beyonce says and go "to the left, to the left." Angela Blake's tale of male dominance could trigger a lot of hate and uncomfortableness. But for us, it's just triggering a lot of laughter. Join our hilarious cacophony and let's punish these virgins!

July 27, 2017

Episode Eleven

Spread Wide

by Falon and Nix Stone
Who knew Handymen had such HARD rules to follow: DON'T SLEEP WITH CLIENTS. Following rules isn't so easy for Hunter Ross, a Handyman who can't seem to keep his BRICK out of his customer's lady-parts. If you want something hot and dirty, look no further than Spread Wide by Falon and Nix Stone. This episode of AudioShelf: After Dark is going to make you scream for some handy CUMpensation!

July 20, 2017

Episode Ten


by Kim Jones
Hey CUTSLUTS AND PATCHWHORES! Do you have what it takes to be one of these? If you do, please tell us what in the hell a Cutslut and Patchwhore is! Join Britney and Brad as they talk about Kim Jones hilarious and inappropriately named erotica. This may be the best episode of AudioShelf: After Dark there ever was.

July 13, 2017

Episode Nine

Cocky Roomie

by Faleena Hopkins
Let's make a drinking game out of it! Every time we say [Cock]y, take a drink! Join Britney and Brad as they dive into a situation that leaves a girl drooling at the mouth for her sexy new male roommate. Will Drew, mistaken as a boy because of her manly name, be able to control herself when it comes to Jake, the congressman's son who can't seem to get Drew out of his fantasies? Find out on tonight's scandalously cohabited episode of AudioShelf: After Dark featuring Cocky Roomie by Faleena Hopkins.

July 06, 2017

Episode Eight

Their Kidnapped Bride

by Vanessa Vale
Narrated by Kylie Stewart
Have you ever purchased someone from a Montana brothel? Talk about wrangling in a third person for your threesome-turned-thrupple! Wow-wee! Join Britney and Brad as they chat about the dangers and sex appeal of the first installment of the Bridgewater Ménage Series. Will Emma enjoy her life as a sex slaved wife of two misogynistic and disturbingly unattractive (at least from the cover) cowboys? Find out in this hilariously seductive episode of AudioShelf: After Dark...Yee-haw!

June 29, 2017

Episode Seven

Yes, Please

by Willow Summers
Narrated by Kirsten Leigh
Willow Summers has us brushing up on our manners as we take a quick look at her sexy novel: Yes, Please. Hunter is your typical "hot dude in a suit" who doesn't have time for mundane thing like hiring hookers. So what does he do? He opens up an admin job in his company that comes with some ... interesting perks. Olivia isn't sure what to do when she meets this HARDened workaholic, but her panties are on fire and she's ready to get down and dirty. Will Olivia get employee of the month, or will she be applying for unemployment?

June 22, 2017

Episode Six


by Lauren Landish
Our anaconda does want some if your name is Gavin, hun! In this steamy and *cough* super sized *cough* book, Lauren Landish gives us a different look at the stereotypical jock jerk. We follow Brianna as she, quite literally, bursts into Gavin's hotel room and gets a better understanding of why his nickname is Anaconda. With only a week together, will these two find true love, or will Brianna be left with a broken puss - we mean heart. This is one book that will leave you screaming JESUS!

June 15, 2017