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Episode 132

The Case of The Missing Crown Jewels

by Robert Martin & Keira Ely, Narrated by Erin Rieman & Richard Rieman
Episode sponsored by The Audio Flow, LLC
When Kiera and her Papa get called to London to solve the mystery of missing crown jewels, readers of all ages get a sincere and engaging story of a girl and her grandfather. Join Britney and Brad as they review the children’s novel, The Case of the Missing Crown Jewels. Included is a father/daughter narrating team...what’s not to love!?! This episode of the AudioShelf Podcast is sponsored by The Audio Flow by Jocqueline M. Protho, The Audio Flow, LLC

November 05, 2018

Episode 131

Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot

Narrator Struggles With Stacy Gonzalez
#NarratorStruggles is on FIRE! In this episode, Britney and Brad come in hot and heavy with this hilarious anecdote from narrator, Stacy Gonzalez, where she tells us how awkward it could be to narrate sexy-time books—especially when it comes to partaking in extra-curricular mom-activities. Shout out to our newest Patron, Deanna! We'll be thanking you IN next week's episode!

November 01, 2018

Episode 130

Hocus Pocus and the All-New Sequel

by A. W. Jantha
Narrated by Eileen Stevens
Oh look, another glorious morning—MAKES ME SICK! In this Halloween episode, AudioShelf dissects a classic 90s movie-turned-novelization, as well as it’s 25th Anniversary book sequel. With Hocus Pocus being very special to Britney and Brad, will they “shove” this double-feature novel, or will they “shelf” it along with Winnie’s Spell Booooooooooookkkkkk! Don’t worry, it’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus! Thank you, Ann, for being a producer on this GLORIOUS episode!

October 29, 2018

Episode 129

Procrastination is a B

Narrator Struggles With Lauren Ezzo
We’re back at it! Join Britney, Brad, and special guest, Lauren Ezzo, as they discuss the Narrator Struggle that is...PROCRASTINATION! Before you get to working, make sure to check out this hilarious episode filled with rants that will make you question, “When am I ever going to get back to work? Oh look! A YouTube video about a dog welcoming home a soldier, let’s watch this!”

October 25, 2018

Episode 128

The Haunting of Hill House

Netflix TV Show Review
Netflix’s new horror drama, The Haunting of Hill House, is taking over the world and AudioShelf is here for it! Join Britney and Brad as they discuss the new binge-worthy series and how The Haunting of Hill House is the perfect way to celebrate this year’s Halloween. It’s Spooky Time, Witches! Thank you to Paul from for being a producer on this episode!

October 22, 2018

Not only is Trailer Trash something you find down the side-roads of Pasadena (Maryland), but it’s also the name of our new segment! AudioShelf brings you the best, the funniest, and the most in depth responses to movie trailers that show a sneak peak of the most anticipated movies to come. First up, Disney’s live-action movie, ALADDIN

October 18, 2018

When Amazon Prime delivers 7 twisted tales for free this Halloween season, Britney and Brad divide and conquer by choosing one book each and reviewing it on today’s episode. However, there is a catch. Before the actual review happens, Britney and Brad have to guess the full plot in the other’s chosen short story. BEWARE: This is the perfect way for you to get into the Halloween spirit.

October 15, 2018

Episode 125

When a Bradley Calls...

Narrator Struggles With Jake Urry
#NarratorStruggles is heating up with this episode featuring Jake Urry as he tells us what stresses him out the most while recording/narrating. The phone call at the end of Jake’s recording though...🔥🔥 you’ll just have to listen to find out 😉

October 11, 2018

Episode 124

The Lost Sisters

by Holly Black
Narrated by Caitlin Kelly
Brad and Britney go head to head in this review of The Lost Sisters by Holly Black. In this A Folk of the Air novella that tells the “other side” of Taryn’s betrayal, Caitlin Kelly captures the essence of all those who love in Elfhame. But is that good enough to land a spot on AudioShelf’s shelf? Find out in this episode of AudioShelf

October 08, 2018

Episode 123

Audiobook Alliteration Annihilation

Narrator Struggles With Neil Hellegers
Thank you, Neil, for sharing with us! In our second #NarratorStruggles episode, AudioShelf teams up with Neil Hellegers to show the world how easy it is to get tongue-tied when reading aloud. Narrating is HARD work and being the best takes practice and patience (and a really nice speaking voice, of course).

October 04, 2018