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Episode 119

10 of the Best & Worst Villains

AudioShelf Talks
Being a villain is hard work—just ask the top five villains Britney and Brad name in this brand new episode. Don't worry, we go over five worst villains of all time as well. It's a list that I'm sure will shock you, comfort you, and make you think of your own top ten list as well. Our opinions are our own and if you don’t like a poison apple.

September 20, 2018

Episode 118

To Make a Villain

AudioShelf Talks
What makes a villain? Join Britney and Brad as they give an detailed analysis of what they think makes an evil, memorable, and epic villain. AudioShelf is not only talking about the characteristics of an antagonist, but they go through the good, the bad, and the “meh” when it comes to classic villains.

September 17, 2018

We heard you! We listened! The reaction we received from our “support” episode was outstanding. There are so many creative, smart, and determined people out there that are working their tails off to deliver a great product and the one thing that’s missing is Family and Friend support. In this episode, AudioShelf gives you 10 Ways to Support Your Friends’ Projects. This is a fun way to check yourself and make sure you’re doing the right thing when it comes to showing love to your loved ones!

September 13, 2018

Episode 116

Series VS Standalones

AudioShelf Talks
Series or Standalone? That is the question. In this episode, Britney and Brad discuss what series are good and what series should have been a standalone. Both Hollywood and publishers are seeing dollar signs when it comes to books that can be turned into long, drawn out sagas, but is that the right way to go? What does the reader think? If we missed any series OR standalone classics, make sure to let us know!

September 10, 2018

Today's episode is ALL about famous peoples' autobiographies. Join Britney and Brad as they chat about which celebrity autobiography is worth the read and which celebrity autobiography is a waste of time. This is a literary hot button issue that you may or may not agree with, but we promise you we'll make you think more about the question you never knew you had: Is this celebrity's life worth hearing about?

September 06, 2018

Episode 114

BFFs Who Narrate Together, Stay Together

Left Hanging by Cindy Dorminy
What happens when two podcast hosts audition for a dual narrated audiobook? THEY GET IT!! Join Britney and Brad as they discuss their first ever dual narration journey. Together, these two besties get the once in a lifetime chance to narrate Left Hanging by Cindy Dorminy—a romance between two people who can’t seem to get together because of a little thing called fate. This is the second audiobook that Team AudioShelf has narrated and Britney and Brad don’t miss a beat when providing honest review—even for themselves! Pick up a copy:

September 03, 2018

Episode 113

Funny Amazon Reviews

by Jane Lynch
Narrated by A WHOLE Bunch of People
We go hard on Jane Lynch and an unsuspecting Anna Kendrick. Once upon a time, there was a magical land where everyone was able to buy anything you could imagine and have it delivered to your house in 5-7 business days, as well as leave personal (sometimes hilarious) opinions about that purchase to help guide others to have the ultimate buying experience. That magical land is called...Amazon. Join Britney and Brad as they discuss the audiobook, Funny Amazon Reviews, by Jane Lynch. This book is pretty much Jane Lynch being Sue from Glee being Jane Lynch. Thank you to Paul from for being a producer on this episode!

August 30, 2018

Episode 112

The Last Elephant in New York City

by Elizabeth Kelly, Narrated by Richard Rieman
Episode sponsored by The Audio Flow, LLC
Who ordered some poached eggs? We did! Join Britney and Brad as they talk about the short story, The Last Elephant in New York City written by Elizabeth Kelly and narrated by Richard Rieman. This audiobook tells a story of a wildlife ranger, a researcher, and an elephant that brings them together. Based on a true story, The Last Elephant in NYC does it’s best to shine a light on the negative real life poaching epidemic and the treatment of beloved animals within the zoo environment. Will AudioShelf “trumpet” the words Shelf It? Or will they shove this short story off a Ghanaian cliff? This episode of the AudioShelf Podcast is sponsored by The Audio Flow by Jocqueline M. Protho, The Audio Flow, LLC

August 27, 2018

Episode 111

Lack of Support Systems

AudioShelf Rants
Sup·port: Webster defines this as "to give assistance to; enable to function or act; a thing that bears the weight of something or keeps it upright." In this episode, Britney and Brad discuss a topic that has been brewing for quite some time. Join them as they look at who has been supportive of their AudioShelf journey and who, honestly, has not. Without naming names, Britney and Brad make a list of who has been there to see them take AudioShelf from a hobby podcast to something that has significant meaning in the literary community. Did you make the list? Find out and see on this special episode of AudioShelf

August 23, 2018

Episode 110

Uncanny Valley

by C.A. Gray
Narrated by Melissa Williams
What do you get when you put together conspiracy theories, artificial intelligence, and failed theatre dreams? You get C.A. Gray’s Uncanny Valley. In this episode, AudioShelf changes it’s format once again to heighten the experience of an audiobook-listener. Britney asks Brad questions about Uncanny Valley. In turn, Brad tries to “sell” Britney on the audiobook. Does Brad do a good job at promoting Uncanny Valley? Find out on today’s episode!

August 20, 2018