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Episode 280

All Your Twisted Secrets

by Diana Urban
Narrated by Kate Rudd
We are starting to think that maybe the YA thriller genre isn't for us. Between all the inaccurate whiny teens, and the frustrating wrap-ups we just aren't thrilled with these thrillers. This week we tackled the audiobook for All Your Twisted Secrets by Diana Urban, narrated by Kate Rudd. While the narration was superior, we had major issues with the story and the way the characters...just...were. We break it all down for you and we want to know: Have you had a similar experience with some of the recent YA Thriller releases? Let us know in the comments and on our social medias! --This is the audio from our latest BookTube video. If you want to see us in action SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel!

May 13, 2020

Episode 279

How the Young Adult genre has changed

1960s - Present
If we asked you to name a YA book, what's the first one that pops in your head? Is it The Outsiders? Is it Little Women (Brad hopes not)? Is it anything that was assigned reading in your school that you'd have been completely bored with? Those questions are what inspired us to dive into the history of the Young Adult genre, what YA means, and how the changes the genre has seen parallel the changes we see in our society. --This is the audio from our latest BookTube episode. To see us in action SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel!

May 06, 2020

Episode 278

Flipping Channels and Pages

Book recommendations for your favorite tv shows!
Well, we're still here in quarantine and we aren't sure about everyone else, but we've been watching A LOT of TV. From the upbeat music of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, to the family in This is Us who just REALLY can't catch a break, we are sharing with you what we've been enjoying and books that WE think are the perfect digestifs. Hopefully our show, movie, and book recommendations can help you get through this difficult and scary time! And we're curious, WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING/READING?! Are there any TV shows that you've enjoyed that you thought "wow there's a book that matches this show so well!" Let us know in the comments and we can't wait to chat about them with you! --This is the audio of our latest BookTube. If you want to see us in action SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel!

April 15, 2020

Episode 277

The Lowdown on Lockdown

Book Drama!!
With Maryland under a stay-at-home order, we turned to a virtual medium to bring you our bookish opinions :P. Thanks, Zoom (not sponsored). Over the weekend we saw an article about a book called Lockdown by Peter May, a crime thriller about a pandemic that puts London in quarantine. Not so crazy of a plot, right? Well back when the book was originally written in 2005 it was dubbed unrealistic by Peter May's publisher and squashed. It wasn't until now that the book was officially released under a new publisher and Peter's hardwork and research brought to the public. After some research of our own on thrillers released in 2003-2006 we are now asking for the REAL reason why the og publisher rejected Lockdown. We are talking all about our theories, the other books in that decade, and...just generally talking with cocktails because we are starved for human interaction. Check out the original article: This is the audio from our latest YouTube video. If you want to see us in action, SUBSCRIBE to our BookTube!

April 08, 2020

A Goodreads librarian has got something against the monthly free audible originals and it's making people REAL mad. When Brad first noticed that his 2019 book challenge number dropped by 8 books, he started hunting for the cause. It didn't take him long to realize that Goodreads was deleting books that he had listened to and were made available to him and loads of others through the monthly Audible originals program. According to the Goodreads librarian manual a piece of material can be deleted and labeled "NOT A BOOK" if it doesn't meet the manuals standards. Not only is it an incredibly rude practice to label someone's work NOT A BOOK, but it's a completely ridiculous rule. Audible Originals, no matter who is able to get them or not (note, everyone can buy Audible Originals once they are out of the freebie month), ARE books and deserve to be treated as such no matter what stage of current availability they are in. Are we going to start labeling ARCs "NOT BOOKS"? Or advanced listening copies from Libro.FM as NOT BOOKS? WHERE'S THE LINE?! Because right now it seems to be arbitrarily against Audible. --This is the audio from our latest BookTube. If you want to see us in action SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel!

April 01, 2020

Episode 275

Who is going to win this fight?

Audible vs. Audible
Here's the game. We each went through our Audible Original books, picked different ones to listen to, came together to have them fight it out on which one was better. Britney chose The Messengers, which was a March freebie for audible users, and Brad chose Tinaca Jones, which was a February freebie. We fight to the DEATH....just kidding...Tune in to find out which book gets the K.O and which one will survive on the shelf! Let us know what Audible Originals you've listened to lately and if we should have them fight in future rounds of Audible vs Audible! --This is the audio from our latest YouTube, if you want to see us in action SUBSCRIBE to our BookTube!

March 30, 2020

Episode 274

Audiobooks to last you through quarantine

Social distancing with audiobooks!
We read an article from Yahoo called "10 celebrity narrated audiobooks to listen to while quarantined" and we started thinking "huh, you know who sometimes SUCKS at narrating books and the only reason their audiobooks do well is because they have a pre-existing fan base and have the publicity to push their crap harder than anyone else? CELEBRITIES". So we decided to pick out some audiobooks narrated by career narrators that are awesome reads to get you through these social distancing times. We also have a pile of honorable mentions that...may have a subtle message to take care of yourself. Let us know what you are reading while in quarantine, and WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS, PLEASE! --This is the audio from our latest BookTube. If you want to see us in action SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube!

March 25, 2020

Episode 273

The Kill Club

by Wendy Heard
Narrated by Almarie Guerra
This club is DEADLY. The Kill Club by Wendy Heard is a fast paced action thriller that centers around...yup you guessed it....a club that kills people. When our main character, Jazz, is contacted by the nefarious club and promised a means to gain custody of her little brother, she agrees to commit murder. But a series of misfortunes leads to HER becoming a target of the club where even the most prim and proper are capable of taking lives. Check out our review and let us know in the comments what you think! And don't forget to subscribe for more interesting reviews and discussions! --This is the audio from our latest BookTube. If you want to see us in action, SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube´╗┐

March 23, 2020

We have a questions for young adult fantasy authors...what pulls some of you to the adult fantasy world? In today's latest discussion we are talking about authors who started out in the YA world and then ventured into the adult scene, why they may do this, and what authors we could see dabbling in adult fantasy next. Let us know in the comments below what YA fantasy authors YOU could see releasing the next great adult fantasy! Also, the ice cream we are eating is Nightfood. We were given a promotional giftcard to get 2 free pints in exchange for a review and promotion. While we loved the flavors and abundance of chocolatey chips, our stomachs revolted against us a little later. We think it's because of the sugar content and we aren't sure if others had the same issue. We'd recommend for those that have strong tummies, though! --This is the audio from our latest BookTube. If you want to see us in action, SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube!

March 18, 2020

Episode 271

Foul is Fair

by Hannah Capin
HOLY VENGENCE, BATMAN! Foul is Fair by Hannah Capin takes high school revenge to a whole new level. Think: the girls from The Craft, the colorful manic of Saved by the Bell, and a dash of Zac Efron's hair from High School Musical and you got Foul is Fair. All of that basically means AMAZINGNESS. Can Britney convince Brad to read this Macbeth for the #metoo era? Tune in for this Reader Q&A and tell us what you think of Foul is Fair, or what you wanna know about it! we're happy to A any of your Qs! --This is the audio from our latest BookTube. If you want to see us in action SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube!

March 16, 2020