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Episode 188

AudioShelf Talks : What Makes a Hero?

Is it a cape? Or good hair?
The world needs a hero, true. But what the world REALLY needs is the ability to recognize what it takes to make a hero. In this weeks AudioShelf Talks we are talking about all of the important aspects that form a hero and how, with just the slightest of hiccups, a hero can easily become a villain. This is a follow up Talks of our villain episode. Be a hero and check out that episode as well.

May 16, 2019

Episode 187

QB Mermaid

by Jessie Ash
Narrated by Tiffany Marz
We are back with another review of our girl, Tiffany Marz! A terrific narrator that adds a lot of dimension to her work even when the work is not our cup of tea. In today's episode we are talking about QB Mermaid, a gender & creature swap that leaves a lot to be desired. There's no question of the shove, but our commentary is an important one to listen to and hopefully influence future gender swaps be more than just a teenage fantasy discovering boobs for the first time.

May 13, 2019

So you wanna read a thriller, but you aren't sure which one to try. Well, do we have the recommendations for you! In this week's episode we are talking about the top 5 thrillers we have had the chance to read & listen to. All of these are available on Audible and on Amazon, and you should definitely give any of these (or all) a shot! They are all excellent and will leave you wanting to consume more of the Thriller genre. Tune in to hear a brief breakdown of each novel, and search our archives for reviews of each one! Every Single Secret - Emily Carpenter The Couple Next Door - Shari Lapena The Woman in the Window - A.J Finn Final Girls - Riley Sager Big Little Lies - Liane Moriarty

May 09, 2019

Episode 185

Daughter of the Pirate King

by Tricia Levenseller
Narrated by Marisa Calin
We love a good action pirate adventure! This week we are reviewing and letting you know if you should give Tricia Levenseller's Daughter of the Pirate King a chance. A fast paced, expertly narrated, adventure novel about a young woman who is force to be reckoned with. If you're a fan of fantasy and pirates, be sure to tune into our review to see if you should give this swashbuckling audiobook a chance!

May 06, 2019

Episode 184

Narrator Spotlight | Lauren Ezzo

Read Us, Lauren!
Two words: LAUREN EZZO. Have you ever listened to a narrator and just wished you were friends with them? Well, that’s exactly what happened to us...and it came true! This month’s spotlight is shining on the one, and only, Lauren Ezzo. She’s an Audie Award nominated narrator who has a heart of gold. She is one of our “go to” narrators and will listen to whatever she creates. She brings authors’ words to life effortlessly. In this AudioShelf Spotlight episode, we are honored to celebrate Lauren Ezzo.

May 02, 2019

Episode 183

Radioactive Evolution

by Richard Hummel, Narrated by Armen Taylor & Anneliese Rennie
Sponsored by Spectrum Audiobooks
After a week-long break, AudioShelf is back with an all new episode featuring a post-apocalyptic story produced by Spectrum Audiobooks. Join Britney and Brad as they discuss dragons, the sci-fi genre, and what they really think of the novel, Radioactive Evolution. We have one question for you: How far would you go to change humanity’s fate?

April 29, 2019

Episode 182

AudioShelf Talks: Book Tropes

We asked, you replied
Last week we asked "What are your favorite tropes?" over on our Twitter. We got a lot of excellent feedback that we knew we needed to discuss on the next Talks episode! We dive into some responses we received and also talked about some our favorite tropes. Tune in to see if you agree with our assessment and sound off on what your favorites tropes are!

April 18, 2019

episode 181

Before the Broken Star

by Emily R. King
Narrated by Lauren Ezzo
Tik-Tok, the clock don’t stop, henny! Before the Broken Star by Emily R. King has us SHOOKETH! Time is tested and a revenge is in the air as Everley Donovan sets out to kill the man who assassinated her family. Will this highly anticipated June 2019 release find it’s way on our Shelf? Why is Lauren Ezzo such a good narrator? Will Brad ever learn how to tell the difference between the big hand and the little hand on a clock? All these questions will be answered in today’s episode.

April 15, 2019

Episode 180

AudioShelf Talks: Book Clubbin'

What's the deal?
Have you ever been a part of a book club? What has worked? What hasn’t worked? Tell us. We want to know! Join Britney and Brad as they talk about the world of book clubs, as well as AudioShelf becoming the next great book club experience YOU can take part of!

April 11, 2019

Episode 179

Grim Lovelies

by Megan Shepherd
Narrated by Gabrielle Baker
In this episode, Britney and Brad review Grim Lovelies, a novel written by Megan Shepherd that gives a whole new meaning to the question, “What’s your spirit animal?” Does this book live up to it’s media hype? Or does AudioShelf shove this Parisian tale off the Eiffel Tower?

April 08, 2019