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Episode 276

Is Goodreads censoring you?

April 01, 2020
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A Goodreads librarian has got something against the monthly free audible originals and it's making people REAL mad. When Brad first noticed that his 2019 book challenge number dropped by 8 books, he started hunting for the cause. It didn't take him long to realize that Goodreads was deleting books that he had listened to and were made available to him and loads of others through the monthly Audible originals program. According to the Goodreads librarian manual a piece of material can be deleted and labeled "NOT A BOOK" if it doesn't meet the manuals standards. Not only is it an incredibly rude practice to label someone's work NOT A BOOK, but it's a completely ridiculous rule. Audible Originals, no matter who is able to get them or not (note, everyone can buy Audible Originals once they are out of the freebie month), ARE books and deserve to be treated as such no matter what stage of current availability they are in. Are we going to start labeling ARCs "NOT BOOKS"? Or advanced listening copies from Libro.FM as NOT BOOKS? WHERE'S THE LINE?! Because right now it seems to be arbitrarily against Audible.

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