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Episode 294

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird

by Josie Silver

Narrated by Olivia Vinall

December 02, 2020
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In This Episode...

Wow.....WOWWWWWWW. We are pretty sure that there is a new record for the amount of tears cried while reading a book, and we are pretty sure WE are the record holders :P.   

There's no two ways about it, The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver is an emotional ride that you will probably cry during. "But Brad and Britney...I don't want to cry over a book, 2020 has been emotional enough" we get it, okay, and we say TOUGH. By closing yourself off to this book (and any book that makes you emotionally vulnerable), you close yourself off to a set of really wonderful characters, story, and getting in tune with yourself. Yes, there is a lot more to this book than just a contemporary, magically realistic story. There is absolutely no excuse for skipping this one.   

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