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Episode 284

Throne of Glass

by Sarah J. Maas

Narrated by Elizabeth Evans

June 17, 2020
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In This Episode...

This is a book that really knows how to kick some GLASS, hahahahaha! joke from people who aren't dads.

In all honesty, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas takes some time to gain momentum, but when it finally does it's a book you cannot stop listening to. We did the audiobook version of this fantasy thriller, and we absolutely fell in love with the narrator,  Elizabeth Evans. She gives each character a bigger and bolder personality than what we would have created in our heads. She really takes Sarah J. Maas's words and brings them to life. We had a lot of fun with this novel and cannot wait to continue on with the series. HOWEVER, we are a little nervous...there's a lot of names that all sound remarkably similar, so we're thinking we may need flashcards and the occasional pop-quiz to commit them all to memory.

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