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Episode 277

The Lowdown on Lockdown

Book Drama!!

April 08, 2020
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With Maryland under a stay-at-home order, we turned to a virtual medium to bring you our bookish opinions :P. Thanks, Zoom (not sponsored).
Over the weekend we saw an article about a book called Lockdown by Peter May, a crime thriller about a pandemic that puts London in quarantine. Not so crazy of a plot, right? Well back when the book was originally written in 2005 it was dubbed unrealistic by Peter May's publisher and squashed. It wasn't until now that the book was officially released under a new publisher and Peter's hardwork and research brought to the public.
After some research of our own on thrillers released in 2003-2006 we are now asking for the REAL reason why the og publisher rejected Lockdown. We are talking all about our theories, the other books in that decade, and...just generally talking with cocktails because we are starved for human interaction.

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