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Episode 220

Friendship Challenge: Reality TV Edition!

September 11, 2019
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Books, reality tv, and friendship. They all sound like three very different things, right? Welp... this week we are smashing them all together for our first Friendship Challenge! Today we are putting our friendship to the test by GUESSING which reality tv program is the other's favorite AND THEN finding a book based on whichever program we thought of. 

The only clues we have for the other's potential favorite reality tv show comes from years of gif sharing, random discussions, and Facebook posts about weekly ratings. We have no idea what the person is going to guess, and we definitely do not know what book we'll choose for one another. Tune in to find out if your favorite reality show is mentioned and if maybe a book should be added to your TBR.

This is the audio from our latest BookTube episode! If you'd like to see us in action, head over to our Youtube and subscribe! :D

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