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Episode 247

Holiday Greetings from Sugar & Booze

by Ana Gasteyer & Mona Mansour

Narrated by Ana Gasteyer, Maya Rudolph, Full Cast

December 17, 2019
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In This Episode...

The great thing about the holidays is that there's a lightness in the air that TRULY only happens once a year. It can help reconnect lost friendships, make new friendships stronger, and bring dysfunctional families together for at least 1 good day of cheer. It's a magical time and one that Ana Gasteyer and Mona Mansour explore in their full cast audiobook: Holiday Greetings from Sugar & Booze. We got some 90s & 00s SNL not ready for prime time KEY players bringing us drama, love, and laughter. Told in both letter and party atmospheres, this book left us with tears in our eyes and wanting to hug everyone!

If you're looking for a SHORT sweet little concoction you HAVE to give this audiobook a listen! We promise you won't wake up with a hangover!

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