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Episode 254

Checking out the Beacon Book Box

Unpacking Goodies

January 12, 2020
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In This Episode...

WELL it's Christmas all over again at AudioShelf as we bust into the Beacon Book Box we won last month! There's so much cool stuff in this subscription box from makers, artists, and authors. We are obsessed and are so happy that we WON SOMETHING! We never win ANYTHING! Do you have a subscription to Beacon Book Box? If so, what has been your favorite month and why?!

The goodies inside this box:

Lord of the Rings Apron - @kitstercronik

The Wrath and the Dawn Candle - Novelly Yours

Shadow and Bone Ornament - @littlebearries

Scythe Anastasia's Soaking Salts - Team Beacon

Baking with the Beacon city of Bones Recipe - artwork by @morgana0anagrom

Christmas Village Booksleeve - Beacon 

Demonic Debutantes E-Book - by Authors Christine Bottas, Amber Boyd, Steven R. Brandt, E.A. Comiskey, Sophia Diaz, Holly Gonzalez, Kristin Jacques, Victoria Moschou  

Marrow Charm E-Book by Author Kristin Jacques

As Above Skin Curse Bookmark - by Author Kristin Jacques

Shadow's Voice Bookmark - by Author Natalie Johanson

Signed Exclusive Copy of This Will Kill That by Danielle K. Roux

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Beacon's website:

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