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Episode 125

When a Bradley Calls...

Narrator Struggles With Jake Urry
#NarratorStruggles is heating up with this episode featuring Jake Urry as he tells us what stresses him out the most while recording/narrating. The phone call at the end of Jake’s recording though...🔥🔥 you’ll just have to listen to find out 😉

October 11, 2018

Episode 124

The Lost Sisters

by Holly Black
Narrated by Caitlin Kelly
Brad and Britney go head to head in this review of The Lost Sisters by Holly Black. In this A Folk of the Air novella that tells the “other side” of Taryn’s betrayal, Caitlin Kelly captures the essence of all those who love in Elfhame. But is that good enough to land a spot on AudioShelf’s shelf? Find out in this episode of AudioShelf

October 08, 2018

Episode 123

Audiobook Alliteration Annihilation

Narrator Struggles With Neil Hellegers
Thank you, Neil, for sharing with us! In our second #NarratorStruggles episode, AudioShelf teams up with Neil Hellegers to show the world how easy it is to get tongue-tied when reading aloud. Narrating is HARD work and being the best takes practice and patience (and a really nice speaking voice, of course).

October 04, 2018

Episode 122

Two Years of AudioShelf!

Let's Celebrate
Happy Two Year Anniversary, AudioShelf! We celebrate two years of podcasting about Audiobooks, Narrators, Authors, and other Entertainment platforms. Britney and Brad discuss their favorite moments throughout the past two years, as well as AudioShelf “avenues” that hit a dead end. Join us and let’s celebrate!!

October 01, 2018

You'll want to listen till the end In this very special episode, Brad contemplates life decisions and discusses his relationship with his boyfriend of 8 years, Eddie. With a short speech comes a realization that maybe he wants something more than just a “boyfriend.” Listen to the very end for the question that will change both Brad and Eddie's lives forever.

September 30, 2018

Episode 121

The Grumblings of Recording

Narrator Struggles With Khristine Hvam
Thank you, Khristine, for sharing with us! In our first ever #NarratorStruggles episode, AudioShelf will team up with our girl Khristine Hvam to discuss one of the worst possible things to happen while you are recording your audiobook (or podcast). This inside-look will have narrators shouting in agreement and will have listeners realizing that narrating an audiobook is not an easy J-O-B.

September 27, 2018

Episode 120

Every Single Secret

by Emily Carpenter
Narrated by Kate Orsini
Secrets, Secrets are no fun, unless you tell everyone. In this episode, Britney and Brad get back to basics with reviewing one of the most secretive and mysterious southern gothic novels of 2018—Every Single Secret by Emily Carpenter. When a therapeutic couples retreat turns into a disturbing nightmare, will Daphne and Heath make it out alive to make it to the alter? Or will AudioShelf “shove” this novel off a cliff after having a seizure from not taking enough “vitamins” (you’ll get the joke if you read the book. Thank you to Paul from for being a producer on this episode!

September 24, 2018

Episode 119

10 of the Best & Worst Villains

AudioShelf Talks
Being a villain is hard work—just ask the top five villains Britney and Brad name in this brand new episode. Don't worry, we go over five worst villains of all time as well. It's a list that I'm sure will shock you, comfort you, and make you think of your own top ten list as well. Our opinions are our own and if you don’t like a poison apple.

September 20, 2018

Episode 118

To Make a Villain

AudioShelf Talks
What makes a villain? Join Britney and Brad as they give an detailed analysis of what they think makes an evil, memorable, and epic villain. AudioShelf is not only talking about the characteristics of an antagonist, but they go through the good, the bad, and the “meh” when it comes to classic villains.

September 17, 2018

We heard you! We listened! The reaction we received from our “support” episode was outstanding. There are so many creative, smart, and determined people out there that are working their tails off to deliver a great product and the one thing that’s missing is Family and Friend support. In this episode, AudioShelf gives you 10 Ways to Support Your Friends’ Projects. This is a fun way to check yourself and make sure you’re doing the right thing when it comes to showing love to your loved ones!

September 13, 2018