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Episode 145

AudioShelf Talks: Holiday Movies

Magic? Or a Has-Been Needing Some Coin?
Ho, Ho, Ho....what did you just call me, Santa? Join Britney and Brad as they chat about their favorite holiday movies they watched this year. Some are classics, but others are holiday newbies. Did your favorite Lifetime, Hallmark, Netflix, or Hulu holiday movie make our list? Find out on today’s holiday-spectacular episode of AudioShelf!

December 20, 2018

Episode 144

AudioShelf Talks: Our Best Reads of 2018

Year End Reflection
2018 has been a CrAzY year for amazing books. There have been so many great reads it was so hard to choose our favorites! Today, join us as we countdown our Top 6 reads of 2018! The honorable mentions also make their way onto the list too! Did your favorite make the cut? Find out on today’s episode of AudioShelf! Thank you to Paul from for being a producer on this episode!

December 17, 2018

Episode 143

Going Down in Flames

by written by Chris Cannon, narrated by Julie Niblett
Episode sponsored by The Audio Flow, LLC
Today we are reviewing Going Down in Flames by Chris Cannon. A novel about dragons that has life lessons we ALL can use in today's society. Even if you aren't into dragon love, you'll want to hear us struggle bus our way through our colds while chatting. New drinking game: Every time we cough, take a shot of DayQuil...within reason, of course. We don't need anyone getting drunk of medicine. This episode of the AudioShelf Podcast is sponsored by The Audio Flow by Jocqueline M. Protho, The Audio Flow, LLC

December 13, 2018

Episode 142

AudioShelf Talks: Friendsmas

You know there's Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid, Donner and Blitzen, but do you recall the friendliest and most original holiday of them all....THE HOLIDAY WE CREATED IN 2005 THAT SOME DUDE NAMED MARK IN MICHIGAN HAS NOW TRADEMARKED....Friendsmas. No? Well listen to today's episode and you'll know it for sure!

December 10, 2018

Episode 141

When They Just Don't "Get It"

Narrator Struggles With Imogen Church
Many people ask us: Is Audiobook Narration really acting? And do you want to hear what we tell them? We say, “F OFF" Join AudioShelf as they welcome Imogen Church and her one-woman skit that shows you voiceover artists are the best actors out there!

December 06, 2018

Episode 140

An Unwanted Guest

by Shari Lapena
Narrated by Hillary Huber
Oh! The weather outside is frightful and a murderer on the lose of a remote lodge is delightful. Since these guests had no place to go. Run, bitches, run! Join Britney and Brad as they review Shari Lapena’s third novel, An Unwanted Guest. Will AudioShelf shove this murder mystery or will they shelf it right beside their copy of the 1985 cult classic, Clue? Find out on today’s episode of AudioShelf. Thank you to Paul from for being a producer on this episode!

December 03, 2018

Episode 139

Trailer Trash : The Lion King (2019)

Lions That Express Themselves
Does anyone know the lyrics for the opening song of The Lion King? Nobody? Okay :(. On today's episode, we are talking all about the "remastered" version of The Lion King! The trailer dropped last week and we knew we had to take the time to thoroughly check it out. Did the The Lion King trailer get you hyped? Or was it a big ol' pile of trash? Find out our thoughts in today's Trailer Trash review!

November 29, 2018

Episode 138

AudioShelf Talks: Fixing Black Friday

Bring back the fights
This week, we've put aside the books and have decided to tackle a post-Thanksgiving experience: Black Friday. Did you go out this year? We did and what we saw left us shocked. Where was all the lines? The doorbusters? THE FIGHTING? It's unacceptable, but we may have a solution that will bring back the shine to a lackluster shopping season. Join us as we dive into our thoughts and experience in this brand new episode!

November 26, 2018

WE HAVE THE BEST IDEA FOR A CHILDREN’S BOOK. Want to hear more about it? Come check out this special episode of AudioShelf where Britney and Brad give the deets about their original idea...that just so happens to be a Thanksgiving Holiday treat.

November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving is that one time of year that brings families together around the dining room table to enjoy delicious food. It’s a time where families count their blessings and show gratitude for life’s simplest pleasures. This sentiment is so true...for normal families, of course. Join Britney and Brad as they take a break from books and entertainment to give you an inside look into their chaotic and dysfunctional Thanksgiving traditions.

November 19, 2018