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Episode Twenty-Nine

Why we crying over spilled milk...?

Thanksgiving Cream
by Summer O Lee
It's not only #DurtyThursday, but it's also #DurtyThanksgiving here at AudioShelf: After Dark. Have you spanked your turkey today? Are you stuffing your mouths with creamy phallic foods? Are you thankful for hot moms? Or lesbian love affairs? Well, this Thanksgiving, you are in luck.

November 23, 2017

Episode Twenty-Eight

We "promise" this book will make your Thanksgiving interesting...

Unprotected! With Daddy on Thanksgiving!
by Sharon Dick
Gobble, Gobble Daddies!! Who wants to stuff this Thanksgiving Turkey! Join Britney and Brad as they discuss their first Thanksgiving-themed erotica this year. In this 16 pager, Molly needs her cranberry popped and she knows just the daddy to do it!! Laugh and squirm with us while we serve this horny cream pie of an erotica on a dinner plate this holiday season!

November 16, 2017

Episode Twenty-Seven

Just the right height, no bucket required

Unicorn: Horn of Desire
by Cecilia Chase
What is the most outrageous erotica you can think of? If the seduction of horny unicorns isn't in your answer then we have a story to tell you. Laugh with Britney and Brad as they go off on a magical journey where virgin women are penetrated by peach tipped unicorn dick. If this erotic and mythical beast doesn't do it for you...then that's probably a good thing.

November 09, 2017

Episode Twenty-Six

It's how long?!

Handcuffed in Public on Halloween
by Sonata Sorento
Narrated by Jennifer Saucedo
It's still Halloween over here on AudioShelf: After Dark. As we look back and think of our amazing time in Salem, Massachusetts, we want you to sit back and listen to a story of how a lady named Maggie likes to be handcuffed and embarrassed in a public setting by dominant men dressed in Halloween costumes. Did you think we wouldn't find a creeptastic erotica to make fun of this Halloween season? If you did, you're sadly mistaken. BOOB! Oops, we mean...Boo!

November 02, 2017

Episode Twenty-Five

Who you gonna call...? The Sexorcist!

The Sexorcist
by Kiki Wellington
Release the demon!! Let the power of the Sexorcist compel you!! Join Britney and Brad for this sexy-scary episode featuring a horny entity pleasuring the guests of a haunted bed and breakfast. Beware: this erotica contains "seance seductions, erotic nighttime visitations, and paranormal pickup lines." This year's Halloween can't "come" any quicker!

October 26, 2017

Episode Twenty-Four

He looks like a charcuterie board!

Knocked Up by the Dom
by Penelope Bloom
I bet the next time she lets a stranger dominate her, she'll make him wear a condom! Join Britney and Brad as they laugh at Kylie's poor decision making skills when it comes to blindfolds, handcuffs, spankings, and hunky man meat. Will she keep her Dom's baby? Why is the Dom's name Damien and not Dominic? Why do our glasses get steamy when we look at this cover? You'll have to find out in this episode of AudioShelf: After Dark.

October 19, 2017

Episode Twenty-Three

What's going to happen to all three of those holes?

All the Best Men
by Cassandra Dee
What's better than bringing home one penis after a wedding? Bringing home three! In this episode, Britney and Brad read the summary for All The Best Men, by Cassandra Dee. Asking the tough questions here: How many ding-a-lings can one person fit in their body holes at once? Which M is gonna get the D in this MFMM relationship? Will this Maid-of-Honor stay friends with the bride after slutting it up on her wedding day? The answer to these questions may be in this episode; however, some may not because we just thought of them. Find out on today's #DurtyThursday episode of AudioShelf: After Dark

October 12, 2017

Episode Twenty-Two

Are Those Nipples or Milk Duds?

Room Service
by Chance Carter
Did someone order room service? The menu will blow your mind. Main course: Sexy Assistant. Join Britney and Brad as the digest this full course hotel erotica. Will the dominant business man break his only rule and sleep with his delicious-looking assistant? Follow along with this tantalizing and armpit-smellin' episode of AudioShelf: After Dark.

October 05, 2017

Episode Twenty-One


by Emilia Beaumont
Snakes, Vultures, and Sharks...oh my! Poor little animals subjected to sexual innuendos. What animalistic penis do you prefer? Join Britney and Brad as they take on this ferocious beast of an erotic tail (see what we did there). Will you prey on Emilia Beaumont's disturbingly sexy anthology series about a girl giving her step-brother a baby? Or will you call Animal Control on this group of brooding predators who seem to be fascinated with their peckers? Find out on AudioShelf: After Dark.

September 28, 2017

Episode Twenty

Shemale Mind-Control Sex Cruise

by Kimberly Hung
Where there's derogatory, there's controversy; and where there's controversy, there's Britney and Brad. Shemale is DEFINITELY NOT our type of language, but there are erotical books out there that still use this verbiage and we're ready to expose them. All aboard this Shemale Mind-Control Sex Cruise--where you'll find busty babes who use hypnotic powers to make you forget they have 12-inches of 🍆 between their legs! Hmmmm sounds...dicklicious!

September 21, 2017