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Episode 259

The Turn of the Key

by Ruth Ware

Narrated by Imogen Church

January 27, 2020
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In This Episode...

We are BACK with another Ruth Ware suspense/thriller and this time we are going into the terrifying world of NANNYING! Just kidding....kind of. In The Turn of the Key we open up with Rowan writing about her experience at Heatherbrae House to a solicitor that she hopes will represent her in her....MURDER CASE. To explain everything to the lawyer, Rowan must write every detail of her life 6 months prior, which is where our story REALLY begins. What happened at this creepy house? Are the kids really ghosts? Is this book worth your time?! We are getting into it all with our review of the audiobook version (narrated by Imogen Church!) right now!

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