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Episode Seventeen

Teach Me Daddy

by Isabella Starling and Demi Donovan

August 31, 2017
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In This Episode...

Students! Listen up! Forget getting 🍎 for your teachers, it's all about the 🍆💦! Maddox is well aware of his less than golden reputation, but by doing one task that rotten past could all go away. What is it, you ask? TAKING LITTLE CORA'S VIRGINITY. That's right, in order to move on with his life, he'll have to have dirty, bed-breaking, mind aching sex with one of his students. Maddox upping the requirements for end of the year teacher gifts. Will we be screaming TEACH ME DADDY? Or reporting Maddox to the school board because no one should be shouting that in a teachers office.

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