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Episode Ninety-Four

Sky in the Deep

by Adrienne Young

Narrated by Khristine Hvam

June 04, 2018
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In This Episode...

An Aska and a Riki walk into a viking bar, and then WAR. Well, it's probably a little more complicated than that, after all, century old rivalries usually are. Aska fighter, Eelyn, knows that fact first hand since a life of war has cost her many things, including the lives of her mother and brother. But one day, while kicking butt and taking names, Eelyn sees her "dead" brother fighting alongside the enemy. Confused and unguarded, she is captured and taken as a prisoner by her brother and his friend, Fiske. She's given no choice but to live among the Riki people, the people she has spent her entire life hating and killing. Will this predicament help Eelyn grow as an Aska fighter? Or will she come to understand the love her brother has for the Riki? Find out our thoughts in this weeks new episode! 

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