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Episode 289

Sister Dear

by Hannah Mary McKinnon

Narrated by Lauren Ezzo

August 26, 2020
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In This Episode...

One of us really loved this one. One of us got to the final 2% and just  kept screaming "COME ONNNNNNN". 

Hannah Mary McKinnon's latest thriller, Sister Dear, is a polarizing  novel that will make you side eye your parents and ask them if there's  any chance that you have a half sibling that is super rich, beautiful,  amazing, smart, everything you're not. I'm sure they'll say no, but  don't blame us if a deep family secret is exposed.... 

One thing we both had in common while listening to the audiobook version  of Sister Dear (narrated by the amazing Lauren Ezzo), is that we could  not put it down. It was enthralling and unique, and you'll constantly be  asking "when is Eleanor going to snap, because I'm about to snap!".  It's a book you'll either love 100% of, or love 98% of and just have to  create a brand new ending for...unless Hannah Mary has a sequel up her sleeve.... mwahahah 

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