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Episode Thirty-Six

Sharp Objects

by Gillian Flynn

Narrated by Ann Marie Lee

May 01, 2017
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In This Episode...

AudioShelf is going to take you on a wild ride down South, where an investigation will take place to figure out if the audiobook for Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn will be Shelved or Shoved. In true AudioShelf fashion, we will discuss how good Audiobooks tempt us with the urge to search for spoilers, reveal our opinions about literarily flawed women, and touch on how the "South" can be a character in itself when it comes to suspenseful murder mysteries. Join us to see if Sharp Objects' narrator, Ann Marie Lee, "makes the cut" as the troubling journalist who comes home to her Southern tiny town to report on two gruesome murders, ultimately bringing up past memories for her that you won't see coming.

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