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Episode Eighty-Five

Rock Paper Scissors: A Lizzy Ballard Thriller

by Matty Dalrymple

Narrated by Victoria Matlock

April 02, 2018
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In This Episode...

Rock beats Scissors, Scissors cuts Paper, and Paper covers Rock. Simple? Not so much in this thriller about a young girl who can bring people to their knees in a matter of seconds with her mind. Lizzy Ballard isn’t just your typical, supernatural, creepy, little girl. She’s being hunted by the man who gave her these horrendous powers. The only thing is, we don’t know who is in more danger—Lizzy or her hunter. Will AudioShelf “Shelf” this thrill ride? Or will Lizzy Ballard’s story suffer the same fate as her victims—stroked out? Find out on today’s episode of AudioShelf.

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