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Episode Seventy-Eight

My Week with the Bad Boy

by Kennedy Fox

Narrated by Joe Arden & CJ Bloom

February 12, 2018
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In This Episode...

We all have those weeks, right? Those weeks where we spend hours upon hours with...bad boys. If you haven’t had one of those weeks, well buckle up, because AudioShelf plans to send you on an all-inclusive vacation to Sexy Town, USA! This Valentine’s Month, Britney and Brad are joining forces with AudiOMG and releasing THREE episodes involving passion, sensuality, and erotica for this month of LOVE! For Valentine’s Day week, we wanted to start off with a story about a romance writer who finds herself faced with inspiration to her next sexy novel—that inspiration comes in the shape of a sexy pottery artist who is known around the town for being good with his hands....and a bad boy! Join us as we get neck deep in this tantalizing tale of sexuality and romance. Listeners beware, this episode gets hot, but it’s definitely a PG-13 rated episode!

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