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Episode 205

Her Secret Son

by Hannah Mary McKinnon

Narrated by Alex Wyndham

July 15, 2019
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In This Episode...

We. Are. So. Excited over Hannah Mary McKinnon's domestic thriller, Her Secret Son. Things you'll hear in this episode: Brad set himself up for his 638 restraining order from ANOTHER narrator, us become even bigger fans of Hannah Mary, and a solid chat about an amazing book that we are SO happy we got the chance to listen to! We just have to thank Hannah Mary McKinnon for sending us both a physical copy and the audiobook for Her Secret Son. We are such fans and cannot recommend this novel enough. Tune into our discussion about Her Secret Son. As always, there are no spoilers, so even if you HAVEN'T picked up a copy, you can still listen to our episode in order to get you even more hyped!

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