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Episode Fifty-Two


by Kimberly Bettes

Narrated by Rick Gregory

August 21, 2017
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In This Episode...

When you think of horror novels, what is scary to you? Can you spot writing differences between female and male horror authors? Why do grown adults think it's okay to drink breast milk? These are the questions Brad and Britney answer in this review of the audiobook "Exodus" by Kimberly A. Bettes, narrated by Rick Gregory. Fair warning: graphic language was used in the recording of this episode. There are lots of discussions about the female genitalia that unfortunately a straight girl and a gay guy had to endure throughout this recording. If you are thirsty at any point, please walk to your nearest faucet and drink water, not breast milk.

ALSO: Every time we say the word "titty," you have to drink (and make sure it's a strong drink. You're gonna need it for this episode)

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