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Episode Ninety-Five

Let's Chat About...The Chalk Man

With Tamara from Shelf Addiction!

June 06, 2018
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In This Episode...

Britney and Brad join forces with Tamara from the Shelf Addiction Podcast in the ultimate 

#BookChat there ever was! In this episode, we discuss, in a spoiler-full fashion, the 2018 highly anticipated novel, The Chalk Man. Easily recognizable as a Stephen King fan, C.J. Tudor writes a story of a group of children scarred after being led to a dismembered body by the town’s infamous creeper— “The Chalk Man.” Now, 30 years later, the group receives individual letters from “The Chalk Man” inviting them back to the town that haunted their dreams in order to figure out the truth of what happened that fateful 1986 night. Will AudioShelf and Shelf Addiction “Shelf” this thriller/horror story? Find out on today’s EPIC #BookChat episode! ALSO: head on over to Shelf Addiction’s page and check out our other #BookChat with Tamara where we discuss Jessica Knoll’s The Favorite Sister. 

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