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Episode Sixty-Five

Talking about becoming a narrator and overcoming mental illness with Caitlin Kelly

November 13, 2017
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In This Episode...

Boy, do we have a treat for you today. Join us as we sit down and chat with Caitlin Kelly. As an audiobook narrator, Caitlin has worked with Hachette Audio, Brilliance Audio, Harper Audio, and Tantor Audio. In this interview, we delve deep into what experiences inspire Caitlin's voice work, the life as an audiobook narrator, and we also play THE BEST version of our hilarious game Narrating Nonsense--a game where we ask narrators to create their own voice for well known characters! This interview gave us LIFE and we know it's going to do the same for you! If you want to listen to our episode featuring one of Caitlin's book, go here, and we highly recommend you to check out Caitlin's website here:

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