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AudioShelf: After Dark is a weekly podcast for more sensual literature discussion. Your hosts, Brad and Britney, will read and cover descriptions from various erotic novels, having some goofs and gaffs at their expense. Enjoy a thrilling - and humorous - look at some of the sillier and sexier books you might not have read!

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Episode Eleven

Spread Wide by Falon and Nix Stone

Jul 20, 2017

Who knew Handymen had such HARD rules to follow: DON'T SLEEP WITH CLIENTS. Following rules isn't so easy for Hunter Ross, a Handyman who can't seem to keep his BRICK out of his customer's lady-parts. If you want something hot and dirty, look no further than Spread Wide by Falon and Nix Stone. This episode of AudioShelf: After Dark is going to make you scream for some handy CUMpensation!
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